Friday, 8 March 2013

Dainty doll - Nicola Roberts

Ok so I got three products from the Nicola Roberts dainty doll line for only £4.99 in TKMaxx .... WHAT A BARGAIN ! So I hadn't even heard about this until I started my blog and if i'm honest I still don't know an awful lot, all I really know is that the makeup is based on being for the pale skinned girls, which I most definitely am. I haven't actually used the products yet but I was so excited about them I thought I would post some pictures for you all while they are nice and new. I will do a review when I have used them :) As you can see in the kit I got a blusher, a lipstick, and an eyeshadow. I love the colours of all three so much. They are so casual and will look really good for a gorgeous natural day look. I also think the packaging is lovely and I am still in shock how cheap I got all this.
 Blusher in 001

Lipstick in 007

          Eyeshadow in 003


  1. ohhhh that blush looks so pretty!!!! same with the eyeshadow and i love the packaging, that sounds like a awesome deal!!

  2. I have been meaning to try this out for ages !! will keep a look out in TKMAXX :) I think some Boots stores may sell it too :)

    check out my blog; and it would be great if you want to follow each other xx

    1. I've never seen it in the boots near me but they may well do :) Followed your blog to lovely xx

    2. Hey thanks jsut followed you too. And made a cheeky purchase !! Go on and the dainty dolly make up is on sale and I am talking really cheap starting from £1.99 :)

  3. The blush color is gorgeous!

  4. ive been wanting to try dainty doll for ages just never seen it in any of the usual places. think ill need to go hunt through some TK Maxx!

    me and my friend have just started a blog ( and it would be great if you could follow us back! :)

    claire x