Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kiko - Blending Wave Multicolour Blushes

The first thing I want to say is HURRY ! Kiko are currently having a huge online sale and I managed to pick these up for £4.90 each. Kiko always do great sales on their limited edition collections when they are going out of stores. When I saw these blushes I just couldn't resist. As far as i'm aware these are the only two blending wave blushes. These are in the shades 04 Artistic Pink and 02 Ingenious Mauve.

The packaging of these blushes is so cute. Kiko packaging always looks and feels way more expensive than it is. As you can see these are white compacts with 3D streaks, kind of like brush strokes. They're so simple but so different, I don't have anything like this in my collection and they really stand out meaning I will probably reach for them more.

Here are the blushers inside. Can we just take a minute to appreciate these beautiful shades with a swipe of bright colour to make them pop. On the left is Ingenious Mauve, and the right Artistic pink. I only got these in the post yesterday so I've only used the mauve so far. I did find it a little powdery but it had brilliant pigmentation and still blended in to my skin easily. It looked so beautiful paired with bronzer and really made me look healthy, it also lasted a full working day. I think the pink will be a great shade for lighter skin tones too.

Like I said these blushers are leaving Kiko as they were limited edition so if you want them make sure you snatch them up fast. These were an absolute bargain, but the only annoying thing is that to order from Kiko online you have to spend a minimum of £25, so if you have a store near you be sure to go in. 

Have you tried these blushes and what do you think ?
Seany xxx

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Cult products - Becca Highlighters

If you love makeup, I guarantee you have heard about the Becca highlighters. These got extremely popular when Becca collaborated with the famous Youtuber Jaclyn Hill, to create the shade champagne pop, which I sadly haven't got yet. So far I own 3 of their highlighters.

From left to right these shades are Pearl, Opal and Moonstone. All three of these highlighters have the same creamy luxurious formula. They aren't powdery at all but provide an intense glow. I love Moonstone and Pearl as they are amazing for us pale skinned girls.

The shades from left to right are Opal, Moonstone and pearl. The left picture was taken with a flash and the right picture was taken in natural light. These highlighters provide such a high shine and they don't have any big chunks of glitter in them, they are pure shimmer. If you want a natural highlight you won't like these at all, but if you want a glow that can be seen from outer space these are definitely for you.

Above is the shade Moonstone. This is the first Becca highlight I purchased and it didn't let me down. I got this from Space NK in Canary Wharf for £32. Moonstone is my favourite of the 3 for sure. This gives me such a healthy glow. It's a gorgeous light gold, but it doesn't have strong yellow gold undertones so it works amazing on pale skin. 

Above is the shade opal.This is much more of a bronze highlight with peach undertones so I tend to use this one when I have a bit more of a tan. This product is such good quality that it can be used with a light hand for a more subtle glow if the colour is a little to dark for you. Opal is a very popular shade in the online community and helped Becca to become such a popular makeup brand.

Last but not least is Pearl. This is one of the newer shades Becca have released. This was originally only released as a liquid but the demand for this to be created as a pressed version was so high that they finally added it to the line. When I finally saw this come out I was so so excited. This highlight is ice white and was created for snow white complexions. If your skin is so pale that you struggle to find a highlight that doesn't look like bronzer, this is the one to try.

L-R - Pearl, Moonstone, Opal.

In the online community highlight is currently the most talked about makeup trend. If you want a beautiful quality, intense highlight you should definitely try these. They are very expensive and do come in at £32 but I honestly think if you can afford it they are worth every penny.

Let me know what other shades I should try out from this line !

Seany xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My most used palette - Zoeva Cocoa Blend

When I was trying to decide what to blog about tonight, I decided I should talk about one of my favourite products, and my mind instantly went to this. This is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette. This is the palette that turned me from a cool toned shadow lover to warm. It comes in gorgeous golden cardboard packaging, but it is still sturdy. It is also really sleek and doesn't take up too much space. This however isn't like the Too Faced palette, and sadly doesn't smell like chocolate.

These shadows are the most beautiful warm toned shadows I have ever seen. As you can see this palette gets a LOT of love. I believe I paid £15 for this from Beautybay, but Zoeva have recently put their prices up so this now costs £18, which is still a bargain for such a brilliant quality eyeshadow palette if you ask me.

The two matte orange shades on the bottom row called 'institute for love' and 'freshly toasted' are absolutely perfect transition shades or crease shades, they are just so flattering and they blend so easily. Every single shadow in this palette is creamy, blendable and doesn't have any fallout. The red on the top row named 'warm notes' also looks amazing as a pop of colour in the middle of the lid or even all over. This palette has a highlight shade, daring colours, and dark shades to smoke your look out, so it covers all bases.

Basically this palette is the perfect mixtures of warm toned matte and shimmer shadows. This is definitely my favourite eyeshadow palette, and when it runs out I will repurchase this for sure. Zoeva eyeshadows are such amazing quality for the mid-range price and definitely worth a try. These are the only other formula i've found close to the quality of the extremely expensive Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows ! If you can get your hands on this palette pick it up and let me know what you think :)


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My favourite MAC lipstick - Pervette

 For me, choosing my favourite MAC lipstick was so easy. I have about 25 and rarely use them due to my extremely dry lips. This is the only one I have completely fallen in love with. This shade is called 'Pervette'

Pervette is in the Glaze formula, and is a gorgeous pink metallic lipstick with violet shimmer. This is so creamy and hydrating on my dry lips. I love that I can apply a thin layer of this for a light wash of colour, or I can really build it up on a night out for a strong pink metallic lip.

The only downside to this is that it doesn't last on the lips to long, especially if you are eating and drinking, but it's so moisturising that I don't mind reapplying. MAC lipsticks are expensive now coming in at £15.50, but I honestly haven't managed to find a dupe for this one yet ! I definitely recommend checking this out if you aren't all about the matte lips

Seany xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dry and Sensitive Skincare Saviours

Since November 2012 I have suffered with a severe skin condition. I've had a rash every single day of my life for 4 years now, covering most of my body. The doctors still don't know what it is to this day, but all I know is that it's taken an extremely long time to find products that help my skin, not aggravate it. These 3 products are my holy grails of skincare, and get me through the most difficult skin days.

First of all is the Garnier micellar water. Micellar water's are the in thing for makeup removal and skin cleansing these days, and i'm completely on the hype. I have tried SO many of these including ones from expensive brands like Bioderma and Avene, but this is still my favourite. Personally I use baby wipes to remove my makeup first, then I use this to remove anything left over. I'm always shocked how much makeup is still on my face and how much this removes. This product is so gentle and honestly it feels like using water on my face. I don't experience any burning, redness, or flare up of my rash using this. Pictured is the mini bottle which costs £1 and is great to take away with you. You can also get a big bottle with around 400ml for £4 which is a great deal. This is well worth a try if your skin is sensitive.

My next favourite is the Hylamide rehydration booster, just the name of this is dreamy for all dry skinned people out there ! I get this from Boots for £18, but it is regularly on offer for £12. I use this like a serum before my moisturiser, but it isn't quite as thick as most serums, it's a bit more watery. This absorbs in to my skin really quick and leaves me feeling so hydrated and soft. i've been using this for around 6 months now and can honestly say it has changed my skin. My skin is softer, feels less dry, and my skin tone is more even, and i'm pretty sure it's down to this. This product contains hyaluronic acid which is known to be amazing for hydrating the skin. This is great for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin.

Last but not least is the Garnier Moisture nourish + moisturiser for dry skin. I must admit I was shocked when I loved this one so much. I was skeptical about this one, as usually I opt for high end moisturisers. I ran out of my previous moisturiser and didn't have a back up, so I quickly grabbed this in boots thinking it would just be used as a temporary measure. This moisturiser is so thick and creamy, which is great for anyone with dry skin, as it actually feels like it does something. My skin always feels hydrated for hours when I use this and it doesn't tighten back up and get uncomfortable. This moisturiser only costs £4.19 from Boots, How cheap is that!! It's also regularly on offer with 3 for £6, or sometimes it's on half price.

These three items help me deal with difficult skin and make my makeup look great. What do you recommend for dry and sensitive skin ?
Seany xxx

Monday, 20 June 2016

Carli Bybel - BH Cosmetics - Eyeshadow and highlighter palette

Originally I wasn't going to purchase this due to shipping costs, but I saw it on sale and couldn't resist. It was only £13.40 for the palette and shipping from America which I thought was an absolute bargain ! If you don't know, this is a collaboration with youtube sensation Carli Bybel. A lot of people on Youtube have been doing amazing collabs but some of them are really expensive and out of a lot of people's price range. This is a great palette if you're starting out in makeup and don't have the biggest budget. The packaging is only cardboard but it is quite thick and sturdy, it's also nice and slim making it great to travel with. Carli said she wanted to create a classy looking palette, that didn't look like anything else in her collection. This lead to the white cushion effect with pearls, and the italic font.

As you can see the palette contains 10 eyeshadows and four highlighters. There is also a nice big mirror to use when on the go. So far i've really been enjoying the palette. The eyeshadows are great quality and very blendable for such a low price. I also love the fact that I can do a complete eye look with this palette. Lots of eyeshadow palettes don't have any shades dark enough to do a smokey eye, but this has the perfect balance of light and dark shades. The first highlight shade looks amazing on my cheekbones, but being as pale as I am I have been using the other three as eyeshadows.

I'm really happy I purchased this palette. The 4th shade along on the top row reminds me of my favourite mauve colour from the Lorac pro palette. Every time I use this on my eyes I get complimented on my eyeshadow too :) I definitely recommend this palette to anyone who collects makeup, and anyone young who's starting up !

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this palette
Seany xxx

Monday, 13 June 2016

Violet Voss - Holy Grail eyeshadow palette

When I saw this pop up on beauty bay's snapchat as new in it took me about 2 seconds to go on and order this as I knew it would sell out fast. Turns out I was right - it's already gone !

I've seen this palette get so much hype in America but didn't think i'd be able to get my hands on it, so I was over the moon with this purchase. These warm oranges and reds are the perfect warm summer colours. They are also great for a pop of colour on your eyes without being too daring.

This palette contains a generous 20 eyeshadows. the quality of these is so beautiful. They are so pigmented and blend like a dream. I've only used this a few times but I can already tell 'Hashtag' and 'Wine N Dine' are going to be my favourite colours. Transition is also a great colour to blend out your crease, and Crystal is great for highlighting your brow bone.

I also love the names of all these colours. They're very current and cute. Who doesn't what to wear an eyeshadow called 'On Fleek' or 'Awesome Sauce' ?!

I'm so happy wth this palette and can't wait to play with it some more. This cost £34.50 from beauty bay. It is sleek but sturdy, about the size of an Ipad mini, so this is a great palette to travel with. Like I said earlier this palette is sold out on beauty bay so keep an eye out for a re-stock. You may also be able to get this shipped from America but I imagine it will cost you a lot !

Have you managed to get your hands on the Holy grail palette ?
Let me know what you think :)

Seany xxx