Saturday, 25 June 2016

Cult products - Becca Highlighters

If you love makeup, I guarantee you have heard about the Becca highlighters. These got extremely popular when Becca collaborated with the famous Youtuber Jaclyn Hill, to create the shade champagne pop, which I sadly haven't got yet. So far I own 3 of their highlighters.

From left to right these shades are Pearl, Opal and Moonstone. All three of these highlighters have the same creamy luxurious formula. They aren't powdery at all but provide an intense glow. I love Moonstone and Pearl as they are amazing for us pale skinned girls.

The shades from left to right are Opal, Moonstone and pearl. The left picture was taken with a flash and the right picture was taken in natural light. These highlighters provide such a high shine and they don't have any big chunks of glitter in them, they are pure shimmer. If you want a natural highlight you won't like these at all, but if you want a glow that can be seen from outer space these are definitely for you.

Above is the shade Moonstone. This is the first Becca highlight I purchased and it didn't let me down. I got this from Space NK in Canary Wharf for £32. Moonstone is my favourite of the 3 for sure. This gives me such a healthy glow. It's a gorgeous light gold, but it doesn't have strong yellow gold undertones so it works amazing on pale skin. 

Above is the shade opal.This is much more of a bronze highlight with peach undertones so I tend to use this one when I have a bit more of a tan. This product is such good quality that it can be used with a light hand for a more subtle glow if the colour is a little to dark for you. Opal is a very popular shade in the online community and helped Becca to become such a popular makeup brand.

Last but not least is Pearl. This is one of the newer shades Becca have released. This was originally only released as a liquid but the demand for this to be created as a pressed version was so high that they finally added it to the line. When I finally saw this come out I was so so excited. This highlight is ice white and was created for snow white complexions. If your skin is so pale that you struggle to find a highlight that doesn't look like bronzer, this is the one to try.

L-R - Pearl, Moonstone, Opal.

In the online community highlight is currently the most talked about makeup trend. If you want a beautiful quality, intense highlight you should definitely try these. They are very expensive and do come in at £32 but I honestly think if you can afford it they are worth every penny.

Let me know what other shades I should try out from this line !

Seany xxx

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