Saturday, 23 November 2013

John Frieda - Full repair flyaway tamer

This, hands down, is the best hair product of 2013 ! This stays in my handbag 24/7 and I'm not sure what i'd do without it anymore. I'm forever using water and spray and all sorts to try and flatten the flyaway's at my roots throughout the day, but nothing worked until this. Firstly, why has it taken someone so long to think this idea up, it's literally genius. A mascara wand with hair product, it couldn't be any more simple but perfect. This product is like a gel/serum. It only takes a small amount to get rid of all your flyaway's and it doesn't go greasy, hard or too shiny. It's also the perfect quick fix on a night out and fits perfectly in your handbag. The only downside for me is the price. I think £10.99 is way too much for such a small amount of product. I do however love this product so much that I will keep purchasing it and gritting my teeth each time I get to the till !

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  1. Will definitely have to try this, I have such an issue with flyaways!

    Lauren |