Saturday, 23 November 2013

John Lewis Nars/Hourglass haul

So a few weeks ago my mum told me that I can order online at John Lewis, and they will deliver everything to my local Waitrose the next day for free... BIG MISTAKE MUM. Obviously I decided to 'try it out'. They literally were brilliant and my products were in store ready to pick up the next day.

 I decided I wanted to try out my first Nars products after a long time deciding if I could part with the money. I purchased the Nars sheer glow foundation in the colour 'Gobi' (£30.50). The Nars duo eyeshadow in 'Eurydice' (£25) and Nars 'Laguna bronzer' (£26).

 The only thing I have used so far is Laguna and OMG. This is the most amazing bronzer in the world for us pale girls. It doesn't make you look dark or muddy or sparkly, which is what most bronzers tend to do. This leaves a gorgeous natural glowing tan look and I do think it was worth the £26 I paid. It has great pigmentation so you only need to use a small amount on your brush and this is the perfect product for contouring. I also love all the Nars packaging as it's sleek, sophisticated and the mirrors are great !

The other thing I chose was the 'Hourglass ambient lighting powder' in 'Diffused Light'. I haven't used this yet but at £38 pounds I have extremely high hopes for this powder. Every blogger is talking about this at the moment so I really am hoping it's as amazing as people say and worth the extremely high price tag.

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