Friday, 3 June 2016

My beauty room

Today I thought i'd show you all my favourite place on earth ... my beauty room! When I moved in to my own house my main priority was a spare room for my makeup, clothes and all things beauty. Most of the furniture I use is from Ikea and all of my makeup storage is from TKMaxx and Muji.
My organisation is by no means perfect but I'm pretty happy with where everything is at the moment as I know where to find everything.

Just a little disclaimer. I am not trying to brag. I work extremely hard to afford my house and all the makeup inside my beauty room. I know I always love to see a beauty lovers makeup collection and storage so I thought this would be a good post, and might even give some people ideas for storage.

I will warn you now that this post is going to be very picture heavy and very long - enjoy :)

 All of the furniture you can see is from Ikea. I'm also pretty sure that you can still buy all of these items. The only thing that is quite old is the desk, however I've recently seen something very similar there so it may just be an updated version of this. As you can see the majority of my makeup is stored in the cabinet on the left, with perfumes on top. I store my brushes on my desk for easy access. The pull out draw on the desk also contains products I use daily or products that I want to remember to use.

 Above is a bit of a closer picture of my makeup storage :) All the acrylic storage is from TKMaxx or Muji. The large silver case to the right just holds all of my waxing kit and other bits and bobs from when I was a full time beautician.

On the left wall of the room, that you can't quite see in the above pictures, I store all of my nail varnish. These 3 shelves are from Ikea. I love these because they fit 2 rows of nail varnish on each shelf, however I do find myself dusting these a lot ! As you can probably tell my favourite brand of nail polish is OPI. I just find these last the longest without chipping and are great opaque colours.

                                         Now on to my favourite part, all of the makeup :)

I store all of my perfumes on top of this cabinet. All of these are actually inside pink Ikea plant pots. I got these a few years ago so I'm afraid I don't know if this collection is still available.

This section I use mostly for lipgloss. There is also some overflow lipstick that didn't fit it to other storage. All of these smaller 3 draw compartments are from TKMaxx. I keep all of my MAC lipgloss in here which are some of my favourites.

The two little pots on the left are from Oliver Bonas. I got these on sale for £4 each and they are great brush holders or great for pencil type makeup products. The draws to the right are all from Muji. As you can see I store all my foundations on top so they are easy to grab when i'm getting ready.

In the top draw I have all my limited edition MAC eyeshadow palettes and a few of the MAC six palettes.

The second draw mainly hold MAC potted products. I have MAC cream colour bases, eyeshadows, paint pots and a few gel liners.

This section has all my lipsticks.The front is mainly MAC lipsticks with a few Urban Decay, Topshop, Milani, Inglot and Illamasqua. I like to store these upside down so I can see the shade names easily. The pink tubes behind are my Jeffree star liquid lipsticks, which I need to try and get some more use out of in the summer months. Behind that is some more lipstick storage with NYX, Maybelline, and Lime Crime lipsticks. the storage to the right also have a few eyeshadow palettes and products that don't quite fit in elsewhere. This plastic storage is all also from TKMaxx.

To the right of my lipsticks are my blushers, a few highlighters and my Cream eyeshadow sticks. I'm a bit obsessed with blushers and have way to many ! My favourites are the MAC blushes and mineralise skinfinishes. I'm also currently loving the new Urban decay highlighters, especially in the shade Sin. I also have some Nars, Illamasqua, Kat Von D, Milani, NYX, The Balm and Stila blushes just to name a few.

Underneath my blushes I have more powder products and a few things that don't fit anywhere else. The left is mainly setting powders. In the middle I have all my bronzers. The right hand side has most of my highlighters. I highly recommend the Becca highlighters for an intense glow.

To the left I store all my individual eyeshadows in the acrylic draws just to try and keep them all in one place, and so I don't forget to use them.

Underneath my single eyeshadows I have some more drawers. On the left I have some of my less used concealers. the right has some of my small eyeshadow palettes.

The next draw down has Liquid and cream highlighters on the left, and all of my wet n wild eyeshadow palettes on the right.

The bottom left section is just full of hair products and a few bare minerals products I don't really use so I thought I'd skip straight to the bottom right. Here I have some small sleek eyeshadow palettes and blush by 3 palettes. I also have some Kardashian ones in there. I also keep my MAC fix + here.

The top draw here has mostly MAC pigments from Christmas collections and a few overflow eyeshadows. the two draws below this just have some lip products I don't really use and all my stick type lip products.

Next is my desk. This used to have glass on top but I found it trapped too much makeup and dirt so I had it removed. I like to keep my desk quite minimal so it doesn't get to cluttered. As you can see I store all my brushes here and my everyday skincare.

My brushes are stored in some more acrylic storage I got in TKMaxx. I have my most used face brushes and all of my eyeshadow brushes in this.

To the left I have my mirror which i'm pretty sure came from Ikea but you can get these types of mirrors in most places. I also have some more face brushes in an Ikea plant pot.

To the right I have my daily skincare and some more face brushes. I also have my holy grail beauty blender.

As I said earlier the draw in my desk has some of my everyday products, and some things I want to remember to use. I have all my mascaras and most used concealers in here too. I also keep my Z Palette in here which has some MAC and makeup geek blushes.

Finally over to the drawers on the right. I keep a few of my newest and largest palettes in this cook book divider from TKMaxx. I also have a few of my most used perfumes. The main this over here is all my NYX butter glosses. These are literally my favourite lip products on earth. They are so creamy and pigmented and smell amazing.

The picture on the wall was made for me by my godmother, I think it was for my 18th birthday. It just has lots of things that relate to my life so far :)

In the top draw I have all of my eyeshadow palettes. I have lots of Kat Von D, Too faced, Urban Decay, Zoeva, and many more. Let me know if you would like to see a more detailed post on some of my palettes :) My favourite at the moment is the Too Faced sweet peach palette which is impossible to find now.

As you can see all the rest of the drawers just have skin and body products. They also just have lots of random junk in them !

Well done if you managed to stick with this post, I know it's been a long one. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek in to my makeup collection, and I'm more than happy to answer any questions :)

Seany xxx


  1. This was one of my favourite posts I've read/looked at in ages. It was so interesting to see how you stored everything. Love it! I love the design and arh it's amazing!
    Charlotte //

    1. Awww thanks that's lovely I'm glad you enjoyed it ! Xx

  2. Oh my gosh your beauty room is incredible! I am trying to persuade my OH to let me use the spare room as a beauty room as I'm dying to have one. I love your eyeshadow palette collection, so many amazing palettes! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks :) do it for sure every girl needs a beauty room. I doubt I have half as much makeup as you though :) xx